The name of this blog is a nod to the original Sleepy Tree, an awesome drood (droodette?) I met in one of my previous guilds. I don’t know if she plays WoW these days, but credit is given where credit is due.

What about me? I started playing WoW in 2009 on the european server Saurfang. My first toon was a Night Elf druid, but I turned to Human warlock after a couple of weeks – who doesn’t like having a pocket tank, albeit quite creepy and unsocial?

Since starting TLT, I have made the switch from a casual 10man raiding guild to a progressive 25man one on Emerald Dream. As of now I have raided on three different servers – something I am not sure to be proud or sad about. Also, I have levelled a priest, a shaman and a paladin to 90, all of them healers of course, because fuck DPS.

These are my toons at the moment:

Rhayze, a restoration (seldom balance) druid: my main character at the time I started The Lazy Tree.

Cymnea, a warlock: my former main, now turned to achievement hunting. If you have read the title of this blog, you can imagine how successful she can be at that.

Rhaize, a holy paladin: my main character throughout Siege of Orgrimmar.

Caffelatte, a holy/disc priest: the youngest one of the group, went through the upheaved lands of Azeroth and is currently exploring the shattered remains of Draenor which lie beyond the Dark Portal, soon to reach the frozen wastes… uhmm… yeah right, like I’m ever getting past Northrend. GL getting Classy Worgen, suckers! <3 somehow managed to reach 90.

Tchanpu, a restoration shaman: also managed to reach 90.

Dorfatron, a blood Death Knight: because blood is so annoying (to other players) in PvP and I wanted to tank a bit.

Shanpu, a mistweaver monk: somehow managed to hit 90 when I gave in, after being retired for like two months, and pre-ordered WoD.

Add-ons I couldn’t raid without:

Other useful add-ons:


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