Chapter VIII – The Hour of Twilight is (almost) upon us!

Or should I say the Hour of the Big Resto Nerf?

Whatever healing meters will look like after 4.3, I have to say I am really looking forward to Dragon Soul and the new 5 man dungeons.

To Dragon Soul, because this is the first time I get to raid a whole expansion while it’s current content. I started raiding in ICC with the 10% buff – or was it 15%? It feels such a long time ago somehow – then had my healing epiphany in Blackwing Descent, learned and refined the Resto craft in Firelands and finally I get to kill… uhmm… keep my guildies alive while they kill the big bad Dragon for me. While I know that challenging Deathwing to many doesn’t give that ‘epic feeling’ that was present in Fall of the Lich King, Hour of Twilight feels a bit like a final test to me. I know that I’ve been steadily making some progress and my self-expectations make this final patch feel special beyond its apparent meaning.

To the new 5-mans – especially Well of Eternity – because it’s been a while since I’ve seen instances, even raids, with a strong storyline behind them. Some of the Cataclysm ones, while aesthetically amazing, felt a bit lacking in that department. Caverns of Time dungeons, on the other hand, are among my favourite ones (yes, I know Stratholme was one of the most hated heroics at some point) as they give you a glimpse of Warcraft lore you would otherwise have no clue about… did I ever mention that I don’t like RTS videogames? Anyway, from what I have seen so far, Well of Eternity alone feels more compelling story-wise than Dragon Soul, although I expect (hope?) to be corrected in the next few weeks as we explore the new raid.


A lot has been said about the nerf to Wild Growth and its related Glyph. Other than that, there are no major changes we have to worry about – just pray that your favourite add-ons don’t leave you alone on patch day, practice Rejuvenation spam and everything will be fine. Enjoy Transmogrification, rejoy for Void Storage, play the new Faire games. Don’t care in the slightest for those? Well, it’s time for some gear lists then. There are already quite a few of them around, which is nice as I can focus on my favourite loot listing, gear by itemizations stats! That’s definitely something for the next Chapter though….

P.S. Yes, almost. Patch day on Wednesday instead of Tuesday sucks.


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